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CodeKit - Downloads

Each release file contains the Perl and PHP source code as well as the complete documentation and demo data files. The CPAN version has the Perl source code in the top level directory.

CodeKit-1.07.tgz (Released on 2003.05.07 32570 bytes)
CodeKit-1.07.zip (Zipped 52271 bytes)
DBIx-CodeKit-1.07.tgz (CPAN version 32651 bytes)

Better CPAN version. Regression testing moved to regression.test. Available under LGPL or Perl licenses.

CodeKit-1.06.tgz (Released on 2003.05.07 32662 bytes)
CodeKit-1.06.zip (Zipped 50144 bytes)

Added an FAQ page. License changed from GPL to LGPL.

CodeKit-1.05.tgz (Released on 2003.04.23 31819 bytes)
CodeKit-1.05.zip (Zipped 48543 bytes)

You can now pass in in html select options such as 'onchange="submit()"'. The PHP version now supports ADODB in addition to PEAR and phplib. Improved setup instructions and documentation.

CodeKit-1.04.tgz (Released on 2003.04.03 30597 bytes)

Have fun and let me know asap if you encounter any difficulties in setting this up.

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